Genie LabOS

Orchestration software designed for your lab, and built for everyone.

Simple Interface

Author protocols on drag-and-drop, code-free software


Plug-and-play instrumentation to create a variety of workcells

Automate Everything

Option to build custom Python plug-ins for novel instrument integration

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How it Works

From simple to complex protocols, LabOS makes it easy to execute your workflow exactly to your needs.

Layout Your Procedure

Layout your scientific procedure using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Select Instrumentation

Select applicable instrumentation from your virtual lab using Genie LabSync.

Run Your Experiment

Run your protocol against your physical lab instruments.

Orchestrate Your Lab Through a
Single Cloud-Based Interface

Conventional lab automation software works with one instrument.
Genie LabOS works with your entire lab.

Instrument-Agnostic Protocol Authoring

The protocol steps are always instrument-agnostic, which means you can run the same protocol against any applicable instrumentation. No need to learn instrument-specific software.

An End-to-End Solution

Control each and every step of your automation workflow with ease. For example, run a protocol that includes a liquid handler, shaker, and plate reader, that generates a pipetting qualification report, all through a single pane of glass.

Modular Workcells

Users can “plug-and-play” instruments to create a variety of workcells, all controlled by LabOS. As your research evolves and requires instruments to be used in different capacities or the addition of new instruments, LabOS grows with you.


All your data is automatically stored on the cloud, whether it is the state and liquid tracking information or values generated from a plate reader. LabOS provides the data you need to understand your testing faster than ever before.

Genie Fits Your Science

As your research changes, Genie LabOS grows with you – without the need for serious coding. Below are few possibilities for applications, all powered by LabOS:

Scientific Applications

Compatible With the Following Brands

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