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Bring the future of reliable and agile automation into your lab space with our next-generation liquid handler.

Your Ultimate Solution for Streamlined

Liquid Handling Automation

Transform your lab with the Genie LabMate, an automated, camera- and sensor-driven liquid handler that performs complex pipetting tasks with accuracy and precision. The LabMate works with Genie LabOS, lab automation software that allows you to easily author and automate protocols according to your needs. Built with the modern lab in mind, LabMate is designed to increase productivity, decrease downtime, streamline workflows, provide reliable results, and grow with your lab.

Get to Know the


Through-deck tip chute

Adjustable feet for easy leveling

Adjustable feet for easy leveling

Built-in positions for thermal and shaking accessories

Optical calibration camera

Spanning channels for transfers across varying labware

Optional polycarbonate enclosure to limit exposure

Optional polycarbonate enclosure to limit exposure

Top cover to help minimize contamination

Built-in live view cameras

Built-in live view cameras

Swappable 8-channel pipetting module

Air-driven pipetting from 1-1000μL with integrated flow sensors

Built-in calibration and diagnostics stations

23 SBS-compliant slots

Built-in alignment features to support tube racks

Power/pause controls and emergency stop

Low-force tip pickup to support a variety of tip types

The Highlights

LabMate Features
Modular Components

Build & Deploy

Ultra-Precise Pipetting

Genie LabSense Pipetting Technology allows you to run the same protocols across several instruments with little to no variation in scientific reproducibility. Whether you need to pipette 1 or 50 μL, there is no need to change the head on the LabMate. Simply add the new pipette tip to the channel and go. You can expect a CV under 5% from 2-1000 μl across all Genie LabMate Liquid Handlers, independent of individual calibration.

How it Works

Sensor-Driven Reliability

The LabMate is equipped with sensors that ensure reliable and accurate results every time.

Unmatched Modularity and Scalability

The LabMate is designed to grow with your lab, whether you need to swap the head on your instrument, add a robotic arm, or run the same protocol on another liquid handler.

Genie Fits Your Science

As your research changes, the Genie LabMate grows with you. Below are a few possibilities for applications, all powered by LabOS:

Drug Discovery

High Throughput Screening

Synthetic Biology

Protein Purification


Liquid Handling Protocols

Genie LabOS has an ever-growing library of published protocols you can begin using in the lab immediately. See our range of applications and workflows.


Normalization is the process of diluting samples with variable concentrations to a uniform concentration.

Cherry Picking

Cherrypicking is the process of selecting specific samples to be transferred to a new labware.
Cherry Picking


Sample pooling involves mixing multiple samples together in one batch, to be subsequently tested as one combined sample.

Sample Reformatting

Sample reformatting is the process of transferring samples from one labware type to another.
Sample Reformatting

Serial Dilution

Serial Dilution is a series of dilutions where the concentration decreases by the same factor in each step.
Serial Dilution

Plate Stamping

Plate Stamping is the process of transferring a source plate to one or more plate copies.
Plate Stamping


Aliquoting is the process of distributing one source liquid (sample or reagent) to many destination wells.

Author Protocols with Ease

Whether you’re autoring a simple liquid transfer protocol or using the LabMate in a workcell, LabOS is your one-stop-shop to orchestrate everything.

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