Build your protocol

Build your protocol.

Drag-and-drop easy.

Our protocol builder is a drag-and-drop interface that allows building of logical protocols in an instrument agnostic manner and then fitting the protocol to specific instruments and their constraints. In doing so, details like tip selection, deck layout and liquid class rules for aspirating, dispensing and mixing are pre-generated for you, and these settings can then be altered by an end user, drastically reducing the time needed to optimize your assay.

Sophisticated parameterization.

Protocols are constructed in a modular manner and support sophisticated parameterization. As such, protocols are easy to reuse, on one or many liquid handlers, bringing to lab automation protocols the benefits of modern software programming and collaboration.

Rapid iteration.

Simulation enables rapid iteration to improve protocols without the need for trial and error wet runs. The Genie system tracks the state of each well across the protocol, ensuring that the scientific intent is captured and there are no logical errors.

Instrument agnostic.

Protocols created on the Genie platform can span instruments and accessories with movement automatically generated where necessary. These move instructions can be a mix of manual and robotic movement requests. This ability to work across instruments and accessories from one console is part of our novel approach. It is the basis for mapping application protocols that span instruments to be dynamically scheduled based on priority and/or resource availability, in addition to time slots.


Run your protocol.

We install, you run.

This is followed by an installation at the customer site. The Genie liquid handler is light enough for 2 people to install it manually on a bench and then attach the pipetting head and accessories. With the confidence generated in the previous step of an assay wet run, you’re now ready to run the assay for real.

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement.

Get your analytics.

Genie automatically saves the state and liquid tracking information for every run performed automatically in the cloud. You never have to worry about your ability to go back and see what happened to any sample you need to review later. We’ll track sample life-cycles, reagents and consumables consumption, and deliver you the data you need to understand your testing faster than ever before.

Ready to unleash Genie in your lab?