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Automating Your PCR Prep Workflows

PCR (polymerase chain reaction) is a robust and dynamic process commonly considered the backbone of molecular biology work. By utilizing specific primers to select areas of DNA, millions to billions of copies of the DNA sequence of interest can be amplified for analysis. They can also be used in applications ranging from cloning, gene expression analysis, genotyping, sequencing, and more.

A PCR Master-Mix can be created in a few simple liquid handling steps and added to samples formatted in a thermocycler viable labware. The PCR process is then ready to run on a thermocycler primed with the relevant temperatures. However simple the setup may seem, it can be time-intensive and error-prone when performed manually. It is a prime example of how automation can save labs time, effort, and frustration!

Together, Genie LabOS and the Genie LabMate empower you to take control of your assay without outside automation support. Whether you’re optimizing the volumes during PCR master-mix creation, altering your sample count at run-time to avoid the need to batch, or refactoring a protocol for a new reagent kit, all functions can be completed within our software.

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Check out our PCR Sample Preparation and PCR Master Mix Preparation scripts on LabOS.

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