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Automating Your Cell Culture Workflows

Cell culture work is a complex workflow requiring expert interaction to implement, troubleshoot, and analyze. It is incredibly time-sensitive at many steps within the process, demanding a high level of attentiveness to ensure success. The manual workflow is prone to errors and is labor intensive, even at the lowest throughput levels.

Cell Culture Work...

Requires Specific Environmental Conditions.

Many cell lines are commercially available, and the type of cell line you use depends on the cell culture work you are conducting.

  • Due to the various conditions in which these cell lines would grow naturally in the body (in-vivo), they require different growth conditions in the laboratory space (in-vitro), including the composition of the substrate (a medium that supplies the essential nutrients), time to confluence (when cells have utilized all of the available substrate in relation to their space), and correct storage vessel (adherent vs. suspension culturing).
  • The workflow can possess further difficulties that various automation can correct, such as temperature control, gas (O2, CO2) control, and motion of cells while culturing.
  • All of this work must be conducted in an aseptic environment, typically within a HEPA filtration system that provides a continuous draft of purified air, to minimize the risk of bacterial or fungal infection of the culture.

Is Expensive and Complicated, yet Demand is Increasing.

Cell culture work is vital across multiple disciplines in the biotechnology field, from novel drug discovery, ex-vivo and in-vitro screening studies, to large-scale manufacturing of biologics. The FDA is approving gene therapy treatments at a higher rate than ever seen before. Non-cell line based therapies and vaccine synthesis pipelines, such as mRNA vaccines creation through bacterial fermentation, have proven commercially viable and of great use. The industry is still scaling with the needs of cell-line based work. Outsourcing or bringing instrumentation in-house for greater scientific data are costly and complicated endeavors.

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The Genie LabMate and Genie LabOS are designed to alleviate some of these challenges and help you scale your cell culture work.

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