Scientific Applications with Genie

Automate End-to-End Scientific Applications with Genie

At Genie, we know all labs are unique, with different scientific applications, instrumentation, and levels of automation. That’s why we built an orchestration platform that makes it simple to design, manage, and execute end-to-end scientific applications. Designed for labs as unique as yours, and built for everyone.

As your lab changes and grows, Genie LabOS and the Genie LabMate are designed to grow with you. Read on to learn how this works for a variety of scientific applications.

NGS Library Preparation Applications

Build modular, end-to-end NGS library prep workflows that grow with your lab. Easily author a normalization protocol, utilize kits from various vendors, and control a variety of instruments.

Cell Culture Applications

Cell culture work is a complex workflow requiring specific environmental conditions and expert interaction. At Genie, we aim to alleviate these challenges with next-generation hardware and a cloud-based orchestration platform.

PCR Preparation Applications

PCR (polymerase chain reaction) is commonly considered the backbone of molecular biology work. Whether you’re optimizing the volumes during PCR master-mix creation, altering your sample count at run-time to avoid the need to batch, or refactoring a protocol for a new reagent kit, all functions can be completed within our software.

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