Serial Dilution

Automated Serial Dilution with the Genie LabMate


Serial Dilution is a series of dilutions where the concentration decreases by the same factor in each step. Serial dilutions are used across many scientific applications, and automating this process saves labs time, effort, and human error. The Genie Serial Dilution protocol requires users to input the number of dilutions, dilution factor, and total well volume. Using these inputs, Genie calculates how much stock liquid and diluent to transfer to your serial dilution wells. The Serial Dilution transfers the stock solution and diluent from a 4 column reservoir and completes each dilution in a new column of a 96 flat-bottom plate, with a single well liquid waste reservoir.

Serial Dilution is useful in many applications such as:



Step One

Open the Serial Dilution protocol and run the protocol in simulation.


Step Two

Create your protocol’s instrument settings.

Step Three

Input the number of dilutions, dilution factor, and total volume.


Step Four

Set up your instrument’s deck, and run your protocol.


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