Automated Pooling with the Genie LabMate


Sample pooling involves mixing multiple samples together in one batch, to be subsequently tested as one combined sample. Sample pooling increases testing resource efficiency, while automating this process saves labs time and reagents. The Genie Pooling protocol pools PCR plate samples into 2mL tubes. At runtime, users are asked to input sample volume to be pooled and a .csv file that specifies each sample’s origin plate, plate position, and destination tube.



Step One

Open the Pooling protocol and run the protocol in simulation.


Step Two

Create your protocol’s instrument settings.

Step Three

Create the sample .csv file. Create three .csv headers: Sample Position, Sample Plate ID, and Destination Tube. Input each column’s information for each sample in a row. The number of rows you input equals the number of samples. For example: Row = 1, Sample Position = A1, Sample Plate ID = Sample Plate 1, Destination Tube = A1.


Step Four

Input the sample pooling volume and the .csv file.


Step Five

Set up your instrument’s deck, and run your protocol.


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