PCR Sample Preparation

Automated PCR Sample Preparation with the Genie LabMate


PCR (polymerase chain reaction) is a common process for molecular biology. It is used in applications such as cloning, gene expression analysis, genotyping, sequencing, and more. Automating the PCR sample preparation can save labs time, effort, and accuracy. The Genie PCR Sample Preparation protocol transfers prepared PCR Master Mix and samples to PCR reaction wells. At runtime, users input the samples they would like to prepare for PCR, their respective volumes, and the total reaction volume. Genie will calculate the volume of master mix to transfer to the samples.



Step One

Open the PCR Sample Preparation protocol and run the protocol in simulation.


Step Two

Create your protocol’s instrument settings.

Step Three

Select the wells on the sample plate to prepare for PCR, and input the PCR reaction volume per well, and sample volume to transfer.


Step Four

Set up your instrument’s deck, and run your protocol.


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