Cherry Picking​

Automated Cherry Picking with the Genie LabMate


Cherry picking is the process of selecting specific samples to be transferred to a new piece of labware. Automating cherry picking saves labs time, effort, and accuracy. The Genie Cherry Picking protocol transfers user-specified samples from a 96 deep well plate to a 96 flat bottom assay plate. At runtime, users are asked to input the volume of cherry picked samples to transfer and select which samples to transfer from the source plate.

Cherry picking is useful in many applications such as:



Step One

Open the Cherrypicking protocol and run the protocol in simulation.


Step Two

Create your protocol’s instrument settings.

Step Three

Input the transfer volume and select the wells to cherry pick from the plate view or upload a .csv file. The .csv file should be in a grid format that matches the labware grid.


Step Four

Set up your instrument’s deck, and run your protocol.


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