Digitalization with Genie

Digitalize Your Lab

Life science labs are looking for more efficient and accurate ways to accelerate their scientific discoveries. In the last five years, we’ve seen a boom in lab digitalization. It’s all the buzz right now, but what exactly does it mean, and why should your lab consider it?

Digitalization is the conversion of manual or analog processes into digital formats, with the purpose of increasing efficiency and accuracy in your automated workflows.

Modern-day labs are digitalizing their workflows to not only eliminate the busy work, but truly orchestrate all processes. At Genie, we’ve designed LabOS with the latest advancements in digitalization, empowering your lab to automate various scientific applications exactly to your needs.

Genie LabOS is at the heart of this cloud integration, with the ability to integrate with LIMS, schedulers, data analysis software, and more.

Digitalization Applications

Our orchestration software provides solutions for the following applications:

Instrument Integration/ Orchestration

AI Assist

LIMS Integration

LabOS, AI, & Data Management Integration

Instrument Integration and Orchestration

LabOS integrates with third-party instruments natively, allowing users to author scientific protocols and execute them against several different brands of instruments that are within the same family.

AI Assist

Our AI Assist feature allows you to write out your intentions in English, or even copy and paste lines from your SOP. AI Assist then uses the imputed intentions to author your protocol for you. Don’t worry about having all the information either. AI Assist will prompt you with questions to ensure that each step has the relevant information to ensure scientific success.

LIMS Integration

Integration of a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) with LabOS offers a symbiotic advantage, revolutionizing your laboratory operations. The fusion enables seamless coordination of sample tracking, data management, and analytical workflows.

Learn more about the LIMS integration with Genie LabOS in our Developer Documentation.

LabOS, AI, & Data Management Integration

The integration of a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and lab orchestration software with an AI engine creates a potent Design, Build, Test, Learn (DBLT) environment.

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