True protocol virtualization.

Virtualization enables scientists and automation engineers to design protocols without having to worry about instrument specifics. Genie fills in the tiresome details for your deck layout, tips, and liquid class settings for accurate and efficient liquid handling.

Here’s how we do it.

  • Design protocols at a logical level, across instruments and accessories
  • Fill in the details for your deck layout, tips, and liquid class settings such as aspiration and dispense rates
  • Simulate your assay to capture approximately 90% of a scientist’s intent without a wet run
  • Publish protocols to collaborate with other scientists

Build your protocol

Smarter Instruments.

Pre-configured work cells.

We utilize our hybrid approach of hardware and software 
to enable pre-validated applications from our protocol repository, where instruments and accessories can be assembled in a lego-like manner with optional built-in movement capabilities and orchestration, so all you have to do is make the fine adjustments to comply with your lab’s SOPs.

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What’s included:

  • Liquid level detection via pressure sensors for non-conductive liquids- i.e. DCM
  • Automatic class detection for viscous liquids — i.e. agar
  • Liquid handling workflows that combine the Span-8 liquid handler and a plate reader
  • Sample prep workflows with the Span-8 LH, a plate reader and extraction instrument
  • Library prep workflows that extend Sample prep by adding an arm and a Fixed-96 LH
Ready to unleash Genie in your lab?

Who we are.

Genie team

Our founding team is composed of tech entrepreneurs that saw the opportunity to revolutionize lab automation like we had with data center automation in a previous venture.

We did something unique in this industry by organizing our engineering team around user personas. We have teams focused on scientists, automation engineers, laboratory technicians, and production managers. They wake up everyday thinking about how to get our users excited about using our products, not just having to use our products.

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